What is so special about the design?

Excellence of design and construction The Retreat is both conformist and revolutionary.


Technically, it is a caravan and conforms to the definition of a caravan as set out in the Caravan Sites Act 1968. It is also built to British Standard BS/EN 3632. It is therefore exempt from Building Regulations and VAT (apart from removable items, upon which VAT is applied). Classified as a transportable building, it is ready to move into within days and can be situated in places that a conventional home cannot. The Retreat is also National Caravan Council (NCC) approved.


No other manufactured holiday home is built like The Retreat. We build it to last. The Retreat allows the purchaser to choose from numerous options which include the ability to specify any model with either a ‘flat’ or a ‘traditional pitched’ roof.  Clients can make minor alterations to the design giving the ability to add or move windows to suit the orientation of the plot.

The Retreat high specification

Insulation U-values exceed both British Standard BS/EN 1647 and BS/EN 3632. With high levels of insulation, The Retreat can be used comfortably throughout the year, extending the season for all year round holiday occupation.

Double DoorsClose-up of Galvanized Steel GutteringFlat Roof Detail Shot