Alternative roof finishes to the standard tile

A sedum finish

A planted roof is the ultimate green option.  These photographs illustrate a Sedum finish and the detailing around the planted areas' edges and potential flue openings. 


#01  A sedum roof offers a great natural finish and the seasonal changing colours add great interest.


#02  The sedum area stops short of the flue opening making it a great finish in any situation.


#03  Edge detailing offers a number of alternative finishing options.


#04  A Retreat with sedum roof.  Rutland, east midlands.


A Catnic Standing Seam roof


Another option for your roof finish could take the form of a contemporary aesthetic, that of the Catnic standing seam roof and cladding system. We currently finish our Retreats on the Somerleyton Estate in Norfolk with standing seam rooves.  We have also used this roofing system in Scotland.


The Catnic standing seam roof and cladding can be seen below.  This montage is from a range of images taken from a recent build process on our workshop floor.  Ultimately this roof is a sustainable pre-finshed steel roofing and cladding system in accordance with BS EN 14783:2013. It is available in a range of colours.  Visit the Catnic website for much more information on this product.