The Cottingham 2017 Retreat



This year's bespoke show lodge in being designed for Strawberryfield Park, Cheddar Gorge.

Cottingham Park's Lodges and Caravan Show features manufacturers from across Great Britain and takes place in 200 acres of stunning Yorkshire countryside.  This event often has over 100 static caravans and lodges to view and this year should prove better than ever. Admission and parking are free so if you want to come along and see us, then why not?  We will, as usual, have something very special for you to experience.

Like all our Retreats, our 2017 Cottingham show lodge is unique to our client and completely bespoke.  Wether it be in layout, external aesthetic and/or the specification our Retreats are all hand built and finished to the highest level.  Our proud show lodge's owner this year is Mike Pearce from Strawberryfield Park in Somerset.



Strawberryfields Park, Somerset

After the Cottingham show this Retreat will be relocated to spend the remainder of its life in the luxurious setting of Mike Pearce's Strawberryfield Park in Cheddar.  This is a Blue Chip 5 star platinum holiday resort that also houses twelve other individually designed Retreats.  Visit this site here.



What can you look forward to with the Strawberryfield showlodge?



Here's the floor plan...

...well, half of it, sort of.  A practised eye will spot some interesting features.  But that's only half the picture.  Watch this space.  Or better still, why not visit The Retreat in all its glory at Cottingham this September? 





In the meantime...

...we'll be posting exclusive photographs right here of this Retreat's manufacture. So keep coming back to see how the Strawberryfield's show lodge develops.  Are we going to be giving away all The Retreat's secrets before the show?  Here's three images from Friday, July 7.



Craftsmen hand-build and measure everything, nothing is left to chance.



The roof structure and external walls come together, as do all the internal walls.



Electrical first fix is complete.  Internal boarding of walls can happen now.


It's almost the end of another week (13/07) and an internal boarding team have been hard at work creating the spaces inside the Strawberryfield show lodge...



Walls and ceilings start to bring the Retreat to life.  The wall surfaces across The Split will be attanded to as part of the dry siting processes once the Retreat is delivered to its new home.



Accurate placing and alignment of the MDF boards takes time and an attention to detail.  The grooves must match - its all part of our quality build.


Time's flying.  Another week is passing and it's Friday 21 July 2017. A great deal of work is happening on the Strawberryfield show lodge, but its not all happening in the Retreat itself...



Outside the show lodge, at another location on our workshop floor, a craftsman has been hard at work building something special.



Meanwhile, back at the Retreat, insulation is placed into the external walls ready for the final layers of structure to be added.



But what's this?  An electrical cable finding its way into the en suite bathroom? Hmm...