Planning Ahead

From the initial design stage Retreat Homes were determined to ensure that The Retreat maximised the potential for sustainability of design and materials and the creation of a sensitive living space.

The Retreat is constructed extensively from timber, the most sustainable building material available, benefiting from low embedded energy - energy that is used in the sourcing/manufacture and transport to site. This means using materials that are closest to their natural state. We avoid the use of man-made materials such as plastic or coated sheets for external cladding and man-made coatings for internal wall surfaces.

The Retreat has large floor to ceiling windows allowing considerable sunlight to enter each room, thereby reducing the need for electric lighting in the darker winter months. The windows have been designed to create fresh air movement throughout the home, thus removing stale air. The frames are also made from hardwood (softwood frames need to be replaced at regular intervals and UPVC frames are harmful to the environment) wood frames also absorb sound and help keep warmth inside a home.

By virtue of the materials used in the construction of The Retreat, the home is inherently recyclable. Timber can be reused or reduced to woodchip for other building products, steel can be smelted for reuse and glass can be recycled.

Retreat Homes are committed to constructing socially responsible buildings to the extent that each model can be enhanced yet further with features such as:

Any of these features can be added to your Retreat. For further information on these options please contact us.

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