Since the initial design Retreat Homes have been the talk of the industry and have continued to showcase their individual and bespoke lodges through various media.

Below we have brought together some of the articles for you to follow the history and key details which make the Retreat so unique. Please follow the links to view some of the features and articles relating to Retreat Homes.

  1. Living 21st Century Caravan – Times Newspaper
  2. Flat Pack Homes Outside the Box – Independent Newspaper
  3. Pre-fabs aren’t all bad – Countrylife
  4. Shed or Caravan?
  5. Retreat Homes – Park and Holiday Homes Magazine
  6. The Retreat
  7. The Sustainable Caravan from Retreat Homes
  8. Gran Designs on Gardens – Express Newspaper
  9. Trailers aren’t all Trash – Sunday Times
  10. Buckley Gray Yeoman – Projects

Retreat Homes have also been involved with various magazine articles some of which can be viewed below:


PHH_AUG_07.docx              PHH_AUG_07_-_ARTICLE.docx                           

PHH_APR_09.docx              PHH_APR_09_-_ARTICLE.docx                             

PHH_JUNE_11.docx             BCS_NEC_FEB_11.docx

PHH_NOV_04.docx              PHH_NOV_04_-_ARTICLE.docx               PHH_NOV_04_B.docx